Narek Kazazyan


In 2012 Narek Kazazyan successfully introduced Armenia at the “Eurovision Young Musicians” country prestigious contest in Vienna, where Winning the III place out of 14 countries. In 2009 Narek participated in the “Rising Stars in Kremlin” Festival in Moscow and was granted a Certificate from the First Lady of Russia. In 2009 Narek participated in “Moscow meet friends” V International Festival of the "Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation" with the “Moscow Virtuosi” Chamber Orchestra in Moscow, after which he received an invitation from VI. Spivakov to perform at the 30 anniversary concert of the “Moscow Virtuosi” Chamber Orchestra.

Narek is a Laureat of the “Moscow Meets Friends” VII festival. He`s the Winner and Recipient of a Golden Medal of Open Youth “Delfic Games” with CIS countries` participation. In 2010 Narek Kazazyan was granted “Special Price” and the Title of the “Young Virtuos” at the National Music Awards. He has been a member of the “New Names” association since 2006.

He performed in France, Switzerland, England, Croatia, China, Israel, Cyprus, Austria, Monaco, Jordanan, USA, Arab Emirates, Iran, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Russia.