Orchestre de chambre

de la Nouvelle Europe

The Orchestre de Chambre Nouvelle Europe (« new Europe ») brings together young musicians from all around Europe who are living at the present time in Paris, France, and who share common extremely high musical and technical skills, as most of them are also starting their international careers as soloist and/or chamber players. The orchestra at the moment counts in it’s ranks no less than six international competitions prize winners.

One of the goals of the orchestra is to reunite the world of soloist with the one of orchestra musicians, giving therefore regularly the opportunity for its members to both play as soloists with the orchestra and also accompanying world-famous soloists.

Created in 2004 by Nicolas Krauze, it’s principal musical director, the Orchestre de Chambre Nouvelle Europe has performed over 400 concerts all over Europe in the best halls and festivals.

Recently the orchestra has seen major development opportunities, with two regular musical seasons in France, new international partnerships as well as major tours in Europe and South America coming 2016 and 2017.

The Orchestre de Chambre de la Nouvelle Europe, composed of between 15 and 35 musicians, is unique by its compactness and virtuosity and plays exclusively on modern instruments, with a preference for repertoires of nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries. From time to time and specific projects, the OCNE enjoys re-orchestrating pieces, and regularly focuses on contemporary works, such as the recent creations it made of composers such as Nicolas Bacri, Karol Beffa, Mikolaj Majkusiak, Alexandre Bénéteau and Evgueni Galperine.

It is widely considered as one of the best and most active chamber orchestra in France at the moment, and regularly appears with world-famous soloists.