Festival milestones


27th of February 2010

The pianist François-Xavier Poizat has the idea to launch a festival in his home village of Puplinge. The clarinetist Damien Bachmann joins him, and ar the age of 20 they both found the Puplinge Classique Association.

18th of July 2010

1st edition

The two friends, accompanied by the cellist Nadège Rochat, gives the first concert of the four from the first season, as a trio.

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2e édition

24th of July 2011

Thunder! Approximately 400 people run to the opening concert with the pianio duo Poizat & Schwizgebel. They lead a second season including 8 concerts, one of them with the French Swiss Youth Orchestra. The attendance record will not be beaten until 2015!

3rd edition

4th edition

2nd of august 2013

The National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia is the first professional orchestra to set a foot in Puplinge.

5th edition

7th of September 2014

After 16 concerts in Puplinge, more than 1000 people give a standing ovation at the Victoria Hall during the gala concert with four pianos and an orchestra, celebrating 5 years of the Festival. This moment signifies the Festival’s entrance to the big leagues.

18th of August 2015

The 2011 audience record is finally broken with the Festival’s first Jazz concert, led by pianist Moncef Genoud. This season discovers the optimal formula: 12 concerts, half of them with tickets and half with free entrance. The average attendance doubles in comparison to the earlier seasons.

24th of April 2017

The Festival welcomes a prestigious Honorary President : the French philosopher Michel Onfray, a Classical music lover and connoisseur. 

Diversifying more and more, the Festival will still welcome 12 concerts in 2018, from Medieval music to Jazz, through Armenian folkloric rhythms and Argentinian tangos. In a nutshell, music across the nations!


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